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Protected: ERLGL Bylaws


I. NAME: Elk Rapids Ladies Golf League


The objectives of the Elk Rapids Ladies Golf League will be to function as a non-profit club and organize a ten-week annual golf league and activities.


The league will not exceed 72 female members (stockholders and stockholders’ wives). Current memberships are to be renewed as the treasurer receives dues. If annual dues are not received by the designated due date, the member will not be eligible to participate in the current season. New members are to be admitted to the league based on the following:

    1. The date their stock certificate was issued.
    2. In the event that two ladies received their stock certificates on the same date, the lower number on the stock certificate will determine the next new member.
    3. A new League member must have a valid handicap from the previous year or turn in five dated, validated scorecards played at ERGC by May 15th.

If a member has a bona fide reason to request a one-year leave of absence, she should notify an officer or the substitute coordinator as soon as possible. A one-year leave of absence will be allowed a member with the approval of the officers of the Elk Rapids Ladies Golf League. If unable to return to play the following year, she shall relinquish her League membership and be positioned on the Stock Member Substitute List based on the seniority of her stock membership. A member who is returning to play after a one-year leave of absence must turn in five nine hole scores played at the Elk Rapids Golf Club to establish a new handicap. These cards must be dated and signed by her and a playing partner and submitted by May 15th.

When a substitute golfer is needed to replace a member who is on a one-year leave of absence, first consideration for the yearly sub will be given to members on the Stock Members’ Substitute List. This rule applies until May 15th. After that time, the stock member sub with the closest matching handicap to the member on leave will be chosen. Any person substituting for a member for the whole year will be eligible for all winnings and flight championship trophies. The League fee will be paid by the substitute and not by the member.

A member will be dropped from the league after three (3) unexcused absences without providing a substitute, and a qualified substitute will be offered the opportunity to replace her for the rest of that season. If a league member is not able to complete the season, a substitute will be chosen according to the sub rule stated above. It is the scorekeeper’s responsibility to watch for three absences and notify the Vice-President. A member having three or more substitutes in a 2 season is not eligible to qualify for a flight championship.

League players unable to play will forfeit their match, but must report to the substitute coordinator(s) that they will not be playing. The substitute coordinator will call substitute players to fill the open spots on the League for the day. The substitutes’ scores will not be used except for their own handicaps. Substitutes will be assigned to the vacant position on a rotating basis so as to give all substitutes an equal chance to play. Substitutes are not entitled to take part in prize events on the day of play, except for chip-in and birdie prizes.

If a member has to miss a league day, she will automatically forfeit her two points. The “playing” member’s points will be decided by the following plan. The scorekeeper will take the absent player’s 5-game average (already on the handicap sheet, rounding up or down as necessary). She then will add 4 to the average and subtract the absent player’s handicap. This score would then be the absent player’s net score. The playing member’s score is figured the same as always. She must then have a lower net score than the absent player’s net score to win the 2 points, or she alone would score 1 point if there were a tie.


Elections of officers shall take place at the August meeting. The President may accept a second year of office with a vote of the majority present. If the President declines, the Vice-President will automatically assume the Presidency and the current officers may accept another year of office with a vote of the majority present. These officers will function as the governing board of the Elk Rapids Ladies Golf League. Introduction of officers and appointed committee chairpersons will take place at the annual banquet.


Annual dues may be changed by vote at the August meeting and must be paid by April 15 each year to be eligible for participation in the current season.


        1. Board
          The Board will meet each spring to review correspondence, membership standings and discuss flights and pairings prior to the spring meeting with the Committee chairpersons. They will also meet annually each fall to approve the annual membership letter and handle other general business of the league.
        2. Elected Officers
          1. President
            The President will preside at all meetings, appoint committee chairpersons, update the rosters and set up pairings for the season. She will post the list of officers and committees at the clubhouse prior to the beginning of league play. In the event that the Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer is unable to 3 perform her duties, the President will assume her responsibilities and/or appoint a replacement if necessary. The President will be an additional signer for the Elk Rapids Ladies Golf League checking account.
          2. Vice-President
            The Vice-President will preside in the absence of the President. She will function as Chairperson of the following committees: Publicity Committee, Handicap Committee and Nominating Committee.
          3. Secretary
            The Secretary will attend to general correspondence, record and read the minutes of all meetings. She will prepare the annual league membership letter for Board approval at the annual fall Board meeting. She will also give copy of letter to the Board of Director’s Secretary before Jan. 1.
          4. Treasurer
            The Treasurer will take charge of all funds and deposit them in the bank designated by the Club. She will keep a record of all receipts and disbursements. She will record the date dues are received from members and prospective members. She will post the budget on the bulletin board prior to the beginning of the season.


The first meeting of the season will be held on the Tuesday before the first Wed. in June at 7:00 p.m. Meetings in July and August will be held on the 1st Wednesday after lunch on League play day. The President as necessary may call special meetings and/or board meetings.


        1. Opening
        2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
        3. Treasurer’s Report
        4. Committee Reports
        5. Unfinished business
        6. New business
        7. Closing


        1. Handicap Committee The Committee will be comprised of the Vice-President and four (4) score keepers, one for each flight, appointed by the President. With the President, the committee will arrange flights according to handicaps. Play will be individual medalist using the following point system: Win = 2 pts. Tie – 1 pt. Loss = 0 pts. 4 A tie at the end of league play will be decided by a nine-hole playoff. Handicaps are determined using the five latest scores with a 90% factor. Substitutes’ scores are to be recorded and updated using the same method. The substitutes must submit five (5) current scores from ERGC prior to play and must maintain their handicap by turning in at least three (3) dated and validated scores each year. The Committee will provide the Prize Committee with information for prizes to be awarded at the annual banquet
        2. Nominating Committee
          The Committee will consist of three (3) members including the VicePresident. The Committee will announce the slate of officers and accept nominations from the floor for membership vote at the August meeting.
        3. Banquet Committee
          The committee will arrange time, place, decorations and menu. They will be responsible for preparation and presentation of the program for the annual awards banquet.
        4. Prize Committees
          1. Weekly Committee
            The Committee will post weekly events at the beginning of the season, post winners and obtain prizes to give to flight winners the week following the event.
          2. Annual Committee
            The Committee will select league championship awards to be presented at the annual banquet and keep appropriate annual engraving up to date.
            Prizes for each flight:

            1. Most points.
            2. Low gross.
            3. Low net.
            4. Low putts.
            5. Most improved.
            6. Most birdies.
            7. Most chip-ins.
            8. Tournament Committee:
              The Committee will plan annual flight championships for the following:
              1st Flight – Match Play
              2nd Flight – Match Play
              3rd Flight – Match Play
              4th Flight – Match Play
              5 Substitutes – Match Play
              All Flights are match play. If a match is tied at the end of nine holes, the winner will be determined by a sudden death playoff, beginning at hole number one. The Committee will post pairings for the flights and update handicaps for each round.
        5. Rules Committee
          The Committee will hear study, rule and make final decisions on problems or questions arising in league play. The U.S.G.A. Golf Rules will govern all rules of play except where local rules apply.
        6. Sunshine Committee
          The Committee will handle correspondence relative to illnesses and bereavements.
        7. Historian
          The Historian will update the scrapbook and historical notebooks.
        8. Post and Pre-season golf
          Pre-season golf starts the first Wed. in May and ends when league starts. Post-season golf starts the first Wed. after league finishes and runs as long as needed.
        9. Charity/Fun Day
          Charity/Fun Day will be held each year. The Chairperson and the committee for the event will select a worthy Local Charity to be the recipient of the funds raised in the event. This selection will be subject to the approval of the ERLGL Board. The funds should be used to provide direct services to those in need in our local community.
        10. Substitute Coordinator
          The sub coordinator will find substitute players to fill the weekly vacancies. The substitutes will be chosen on a rotating basis from the current list of available substitutes. The substitute coordinator will maintain the handicaps for substitutes.


        1. Play will be individual medalist.
        2. It shall be the President’s decision to stop play for bad weather. The air horn will be blown three (3) times. All golfers will quit and go into the clubhouse to wait for instructions. Please show up for play regardless of weather.
        3. Out of bounds includes all out-of-bounds white stakes. On holes 4, 6, 7 and 8 6 if your tee shot goes out of bounds, hit a provisional ball. For any subsequent shots out of bounds, bring ball in two club lengths from where it crossed the line and take a one-stroke penalty.
        4. Ball striking wire on No. 7 gives player the option to play another ball with no penalty. Second ball must then be considered the ball in play.
        5. Winter rules apply. Ball, in your own fairway, may be moved no more than 6 inches and no closer to the hole, by hand or club.


Amendments to and alterations of these Bylaws may be made by a majority vote of the membership present. A proxy may be obtained from the President prior to voting. It will be signed by the absent league member and given to a league member of choice who would cast a vote for the absentee at the time the vote takes place.

To download click the link HERE: ERLGL By-Laws 2015

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