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Protected: 10th Hole

The Elk Rapids Ladies Golf League season ended on August 29 with a very rainy, windy Fun Day scramble themed “Sisterhood Of The Traveling Hats”. Everyone was encouraged to wear their favorite hat. In addition, on the 1st tee everyone had to use a Northwestern Bob Murphy WOOD driver to hit the longest drive possible and prizes were awarded in each flight. On the 9 th tee, after you got on the green you had to use a wood mallet to hit your ball into the hole, again prizes were awarded to each flight. All the special twists made for a fun and often-funny day of golf. The organizers of this main event were Kay Romaska, Kristi Newer, Karen Keis and Jody Perrault. Thanks go out to all of those gals for helping make the Fun Day a huge success.

The annual banquet was held at the Harbor Pavilion on August 30 th with an “Under the Sea” theme. A delicious salmon or lemon chicken dinner was catered by our local chef Jon Heeke and his staff. Committee chairman, Maria Sumerix, and her helpers made the evening a hit for all in attendance. A special thank you goes to Myrta Keelan who created all the colorful centerpieces and decorations. Finally, the main event of the evening was the presentation of all the yearly prizes for golf achievements. Bonnie Gregory and Barbara George announced the winners.

The league point Flight winners for the ten-week golf season are Char Hansen flight 1, Janet Morrison flight 2: Doris Masserang, flight 3, and Iris Bonato flight 4.

The Match-play tournament held throughout the summer concluded with four winners. They were Char Hansen flight 1, Ginny Dorner flight 2, Pat McCallum flight 3 and Peggy Bushnell flight 4.

We also honored our score keepers for the wonderful job they do every week. Beth Serrell, Nell Lockhart, Janet Morrison and Jan Reynolds.

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